About Daman

Supporting people manifest their inherent highest potential has been the foundation stone on which The Life Experts was built.

I’m an ICF (International Coach Federation) certified Relationship Coach, a Coach Transformation Academy certified senior professional coach and a member of the Academy For Coaches, India. I am also a nominated member of the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals.

I coach couples and individuals all over the world, from pre-marriage to saving their marriage from divorce.

Additionally another segment close to my heart is supporting those struggling with mental health issues with focus on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

I spent the last 41+ years in the corporate world, the last 24 of which were focused on mentoring and coaching people towards a life of abundance, fulfilment and purpose. Watching them excel and lead truly happy lives, I realized I had hit on that ‘aha’  moment. An empowered moment when I discovered my true purpose and mission in life on planet Earth!

My approach to coaching is empowering because it’s all about YOU! Happiness is an ‘inside’ job and if you are not happy with your situation, YOU have the power to change it! You don’t need to rely on any external factor.

My passion is being a catalyst to support my clients to get the results they want, and quickly!

I can provide you the perfect tools and insight your life needs to achieve the happiness you so deserve.

Life is a gift, don’t waste it procrastinating! Take the next step and connect with me to lead a Life of your Dreams!

“It is impossible to build one’s own happiness on the unhappiness of others. Our true selves shine and the inherent strength of our lives wells forth when we exert ourselves for others. This is human nature”

-Daisaku Ikeda


I have had my shares of ups and downs in life.

Married at a very young age of 19, life was beautiful. The old adage “Life is a bed of roses” was my perceived reality, unfortunately not for long.

As I became more aware of my needs, I soon realised that my relationship was not working and I needed to move on. Based on mature dialogue, we decided to part ways.

Divorce is never easy – not even for the emotionally strong. Neither is raising a child as a single mother! A couple of further failed relationships and my life hit rock bottom.

When I finally took some time to reflect back on my relationships, I noticed a recurring pattern in my relationships – and I was CENTRAL to each of the relationships!

I desperately looked out for a coach who could support me with my mental health and relationship struggles, but found none. Friends were far and few in a foreign land, but giving up was never my game.

After a long struggle and a couple of failed relationships, meltdowns, depression, anxiety and years upon years of mental stress I finally found my way. Rather than giving up, I rebuilt my confidence, focused on raising my son, gave life all I could, and soon put together a cordial working relationship with my ex-husband. Today I see love and healthy relationships for what they truly are… healthy, harmonious, gratifying and such relationships are available to everyone. All you need are the appropriate tools and tips and a bit of support to help manifest them in your life!


Whilst the corporate career paid the bills and I enjoyed my work, I knew there was something missing – the freedom to create my own career path, expand my life and contribute to a larger purpose!

I was determined to turn my pain into my purpose.

All I knew in the beginning, was that I wanted the freedom to create my own path, expand my life and contribute to a larger purpose!

Once I had decided on my life purpose, I dedicated all my time to studying, training and researching, and in a matter of months, I had established my own successful coaching business – having helped so many clients from different nationalities and backgrounds.

I undoubtedly emerged stronger over the years. Experience taught me much. I learnt about relationships and mental health – but, the hard way. Today I know better. Relationships matter deeply and when handled with love, care, maturity and understanding make life beautiful! My journey to becoming a Coach is built on a real-life experiences and I am determined to help you transform your life into an exhilarating and gratifying one!

I discovered the gift of life after years of struggle. My mission on this planet is to share that gift!

What do you have to lose? Besides bad habits and poor communication, of course. Start improving your relationship today with The Life Experts

Certificate and Recognition

ICF Certified (International Coach Federation)

Certified from Coach Transformation Academy

Member of Academy for Coaches

Nominated Member: Worldwide Association of Female Professionals

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