Introduction to The Life Experts

At The Life Experts we do 2 things really well: Focus on establishing connection and credibility early on and we do this with focused engagement and a passionate vision which is outcome oriented.

Whether it is saving your relationship headed for disaster, supporting you manage your ADHD condition better or optimizing your health and lifestyle through simple and uncomplicated methods – the solutions are all available under one roof through our unique and proven step-by-step process

We bring years of training, experience, compassion and positive results into our coaching sessions, having worked with hundreds of clients across the globe.

We help you position smart tools and techniques in place so you can manifest your highest potential and impact your life in a much bigger way.

Why? Because we believe your mission deserves a bigger platform and you’re meant to change the world.

Consultation Details


60 mins call session over Google Meet

What we'll cover

On our discovery call we ask a few questions to discover and uncover some deeper values or ingrained beliefs that may not be working in your favour, what is holding you back – how you can achieve what you are here for and if we can help you achieve it or not.

Through this candid conversation we are able to observe the distance between where you are and where you want to go. The space in between is what we will work on together.

In a discovery session call, our focus is to assess if you are the right fit as a client and vice versa; to see if we can work together.

Our Approach

We work through a simple 3-step framework :

  • Discover where you are now
  • Decide where you want to be and what that looks like for you
  • Detect what is getting in your way – the roadblocks
  • Establishing Goals – explaining what we offer to help you with your challenge
  • A walk-through our coaching model and some logistics


A Demo Session begins at INR: 2500/- for 60 minutes. 

  • Packages for consultation will only be shared on the Demo Call

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Still not convinced?

Book a 15 mins discovery call where The Life Experts coaches connect with you to help clear your doubts and answer all your queries before the Demo call.

15 Mins Discovery Call