What Challenges are you facing right now?


  • Behaviour problems?
  • Learning disorder?
  • Feeling Anxious ?
  • Suffering from Depression?
  • Peer problems?
  • Inability to focus or prioritise?
  • Trouble listening?
  • Poor time management?
  • Forgetful?


  • Afraid of losing your partner?
  • Not spoken with each other for days/weeks?
  • Little ones at home witness to the silent toxicity?
  • Children walking on egg-shells not knowing when the next land-mine might explode?
  • Fear of another in the relationship?
  • Sleepless nights feeling stressed and exhausted?
  • Feeling trapped in the relationship?
  • Contemplating an exit plan?


  • Given every diet program a try and yet frustrated with the results you are getting?
  • Tired, overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, addicted to sugar cravings?
  • Don’t like the way you look and feel anymore?
  • Exercising the last thing on your mind?
  • Poor relationship with food and nutrition?
  • Overweight and suffering from reversible lifestyle diseases?

Explore ADHD

While mental health still carries with it a degree of stigma, a diagnosis is not a life sentence. These conditions exist, and will continue to exist, whether we choose to name them or not.

A.D.H.D is one of the most common neurodevelopment disorders of childhood and can persist into adulthood. Executive function often is generally impaired when individuals have ADHD. This affects their ability to organize, plan, and manage thoughts and actions.

It’s time for us to stop viewing diagnosis as a closed door. Let’s look at it as a series of doors we must travel through, each one opening up a realm of possibilities that we hadn’t previously envisioned. And once you’re brave enough to step across the threshold, you’ll no longer find yourself alone in the dark, but in a room full of new friends who’ve been there and understand.

ADHD isn’t always a walk in the park. But people with ADHD can push past setbacks, adapt to new strategies, and troubleshoot solutions to complex problems.

Let us support you with a structured environment, help you understand how the disorder affects behaviour and learning, and consistent action plans. Hit the ‘Explore’ button – reach out and help us help you!

Explore Relationships

Many people assume toxic relationships are doomed, but that isn’t always the case.The deciding factor? Both partners must want to change else little likelihood that change will occur.

All relationships go through make it or break it moments, but healthy relationships recover. They get closer and more resilient.

Our unique 3 shift strategy – Evaluate, Embrace and Evolve takes into account the current mindset, values and beliefs and identifying underlying patterns and triggers.Awareness leads to obliterating them which then exposes you to Embrace new relationship skills, recovering your respect and self-esteem and restoring your spirit.

Active listening is an art and our clients experience its power optimally within a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental space.

We support in creating new behaviours and patterns that reinvigorate your relationship. Working with individuals or couples we help uncover the ‘real’ challenges and find strategies to reconnect relationships.

Only you can decide whether to stay back or leave. Sometimes, the bravest, most difficult and most life-changing moments lie in not what we do, but in what we stop doing!

Explore Health & Lifestyle

You are not alone.

Lifestyle diseases are today at an all-time high.

One in three Indians over 30 years of age are suffering from one or more lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid and cancer, a report has revealed.

However, the good news related to lifestyle diseases is that they are reversible and could be prevented from causing hazardous damage to the overall health.

At The Life Experts we fill a very unique, specialized role as health and lifestyle coaches. We do not prescribe, diagnose, analyze, or treat. Rather, we work closely with you to clarify your health and wellness goals, create actionable steps to achieve those goals, and facilitate permanent mindset shifts and behavior changes so you can master healthy habits that serve you for life.

We offer one-on-one interaction with a trained and experienced health expert who has successfully worked with several clients in areas like health, weight-loss and wellness. 

We examine pre-existing negative habits and replace with new, positive ones, utilize accountability and help set achievable goals so you stay on track, reverse unhealthy eating habits

Our passionate mission is to create a meaningful impact on your life by focusing on your specific wellness niche of interest.